Huh? Why ‘service vmware-tools status’ no longer works on newer Linux VMs – Tip of the Week

After deploying a CentOS v6.6 VM via vCloud Director today, I was puzzled that I couldn’t confirm whether VMware Tools was running after installing it.

[root@ZenOSS-POC ~]# service vmware-tools status
vmware-tools: unrecognized service

Huh? Surely not!

[root@ZenOSS-POC ~]# ps -ef|grep tools|grep –v grep
root 2409 1 0 21:25 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/vmtoolsd

Weird right? VMware Tools IS running…

The answer lies in the fact that for vSphere 5.x versions of VMWare Tools installed on the latest Linux’s, the upstart mechanism is now used, instead of the old /etc/init.d/script and chkconfig / service mechanisms.

So now:

[root@ZenOSS-POC ~]# status vmware-tools
vmware-tools start/running

So here’s the upstart command set you’ll need to manage this (and other) service(s) on the newer Linux’s:

stop vmware-tools
start vmware-tools
status vmware-tools
restart vmware-tools


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